The writer of the book of Matthew in the bible writes; “Beware of false prophets who come to you disguised as sheep but underneath are ravenous wolves. You will be able to tell them by their fruits. Can people pick grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles? In the same way, a sound tree produces good fruit but a rotten tree bad fruit. A sound tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor a rotten tree bear good fruit. Any tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown on the fire. I repeat, you will be able to tell them by their fruits.”

I write this from the eastern part of the loveliest continent God ever created, Africa; in a country that is surrounded by nothing but land, many like to just say a landlocked country, with a population that is about 42 million or so and the biggest percentage of the population being youth, every energetic people. If you have not already guessed it, I am talking about Uganda. Oh did I mention that we are just a day away from changing government? Oh yes we are.

This period has come with a lot of mind blowing experiences and things seen unfold, unfortunately many of these have been undesirable and unfortunate to watch. We are living in the time of the fourth industrial revolution and if you have no idea what this is, it simply represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions. These advances are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about more than just technology-driven change.

To put this in the simplest form, just see the magnitude technology has swept every sector in the world. Nothing has been spared right from health care, education, social life and even parenting to mention but a few. In a very profound way we have seen a very big movement of mindset change when it came to these elections unlike the ones we had in 2016 as social media has played such a big role.

Unfortunately this came as a double edged sword. A lot of things that had been done and hidden under wraps, came to be seen by anyone and everyone who could afford an internet bundle. The camera became the strongest weapon one had to be heard or at least believed. When such information got into the world, it increased the furry of both those affected and those causing it. Both parties felt they had a right to do what they did and justified their actions. It is unfortunate that it reached a level of losing lives without any remorse or ownership taken however this takes me back to where we began, the bible says, … will be able to tell them by their fruits.

This is a very volatile time we are headed for and all we can do is wait and pray. Now that many of us have been able to ‘tell them by their fruits,’ my only prayer is that we all go and exercise our right to vote and vote wisely. Do not do what you would not want to be done to you or your loved one(s)

May the best person win. For God and my country.

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