I have always loved biology or say science ever since I began school. When I was choosing out a combination going into my A’level, despite the fact that I had performed pretty well in my Arts subjects, I did not at one time consider them.

Day 14 of #UgBlogMonth tasked me to write which job I would choose to do in this world.

Like I said earlier my love for biology or science will have me doing any job in that line. Thankfully I am doing just that. I am a nutritionist just so you know. The 2018 Global Nutrition Report revealed that the global burden of malnutrition is unacceptably high and now affects every country in the world. Uganda’s adult population face a malnutrition burden. 28.5% of women of reproductive age have anaemia, and 4.7% of adult women have diabetes, compared to 4.4% of men. Meanwhile, 8.6% of women and 1.8% of men have obesity. These are the things excite me.

The best thing I love the most about what I do is patient care. Recently as I checked on my patients given that I cannot get to them in this lock down, one of them was surprised me when his joy for me reaching out to him could not be hidden. If any of you is a medical worker you will know the kind of glow this can bring to your heart and your career as a whole.

The other thing I want to do and should do pretty soon is medical research. While at university we had to submit a research paper on a particular topic. I did a research on the nutrition status of breastfeeding children born to mothers living with HIV/AIDS in Kawaala Health Centre IV. The whole process to do this research was very exciting especially conducting interviews among the mothers.

The ultimate motivation in science is to discover . When a person achieves his or her scientific aim, he or she feels supreme pleasure. In medical science, discovery may directly lead to human welfare through improved disease diagnosis, treatment, and/or prophylaxis or health promotion. The contribution may seem small, but the outcome associated with it may prove to be invaluable and the pleasure experienced by the researcher immense.

Science is something relatable and just doing it fulfills me. If I had to do any job in the world it would deal with health care.

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