The Nutritionist

  • Get to know me, 2023 edition. Happy new year
    Five days as I write this into the new year and the year does not look bad at all. For me at least. I wonder how your new year is going. Resolutions are still in their happy season for many, big ambitions and dreams are high up there and I … Read more
  • Mindful eating
    Do you ever think about what you are eating at table or are you the kind who just gets food down your throat amidst a million things going on? I am a big advocate of listening to your body when you give it food but this is almost impossible if … Read more
  • Healthy Weight
    The concept of healthy weight has become more popular, especially in the wake of increasing Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). A healthy weight is a number associated with a low risk of weight-related diseases and health issues. Although healthy weight guidelines have been developed at population levels, each person’s healthy weight range … Read more
  • Understanding food cravings
    It is most often assumed that the emergence of a food craving might be driven by some nutrient deficiency and while this has some truth to it, not entirely. Do you know what food cravings are? A food craving is an intense almost insatiable desire to eat a specific type … Read more
  • Why eliminating carbs is dangerous?
    In our increasingly health-cautious world, there is a common phenomenon that carbs need to get off the plate. But someone may ask, what are carbs anyway? The terms carbs and carbohydrates are used interchangeably. Why are carbohydrates important? Carbohydrates consist of sugars, starches, and fibers, nutrients that provide your body … Read more
  • Make mealtime easier for your differently abled child
    Disability is a normal part of human diversity. It may be permanent, temporary, or fluctuating. It may also have a minimal or substantial impact on a person’s life. A disability may affect mobility, learning, feeding, or communication and can result from accidents, illnesses, or genetic conditions. To have a disability … Read more
  • 6 ways to improve food security
    This has been a long time coming. I promised to return and share how we can improve food security but I had gone away a little bit to fill my cup and I am happy to be back. As previously mentioned in the last article, food security exists when all people, at … Read more
  • Food Security
    When you hear the term food security, what comes to your mind? (You can share your answer in the comment section) but thanks to social media I made a question tag and asked friends of mine from all walks of life and I got very interesting answers. Here are some … Read more