The Nutritionist

  • Why no salt and sugar for babies until they turn one
    When babies are ushered into this world, they are very dependent on us for literally everything including what goes into their bellies as food. Children are supposed to be exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of their lives and there after introduce solid foods alongside breastmilk, what we call … Read more
  • Weight is not an indicator for health
    Someone once asked me if I could tell whether someone is healthy by just looking at their size. The short answer is no. Weight is not an absolute indicator of health although it is an important factor for health. Weight has to be combined with other measures to fully assess … Read more
  • Prenatal nutrition
    We have always talked about the importance of prenatal nutrition but we still do not appreciate the magnitude of the effects as we should and it is my goal to help us understand in the easiest way. Listen to this. If a pregnant woman found herself in a situation where … Read more
  • What your child’s head circumference is telling you
    Measure of the head circumference is not as popular as the measurement of weight and height in very many communities. We have got to appreciate the importance of the measurement of our children's head's circumference during growth assessment just like we do for weight and height. Head circumference is a measurement … Read more
  • Emptying your way to good heath
    By the end of yesterday, a friend sent me a screenshot about a guest blogging call. I was hesitant to check it out on short notice, however; my pen is unable to describe the thrill and fascination with which I responded to knowing who the host was. Hail to you, … Read more
  • Foods to best avoid during pregnancy
    Pregnancy is a very delicate season for both the baker (mother) and the one who is being baked (child). It is easy to know the most important foods a mother must eat to ensure that both her and the unborn child come out of this season good but sometimes if … Read more
  • Men your nutrition matters too
    It is very common for us to concentrate on women and children when it comes to nutrition but did you know men too have specific nutrition needs and it is important for them to pay attention to their nutrition needs. I love to say women have more biological demands on … Read more
  • Nutrition and endometriosis
    Pain medication slowly becomes the norm for people dealing with endometriosis. Anything to reduce the torture of the symptoms, not forgetting the heavy periods and nausea that always tag along is done. It is always such a distressing discourse. If it is your first time stumbling upon this page, welcome … Read more