The Nutritionist

  • Food Security
    When you hear the term food security, what comes to your mind? (You can share your answer in the comment section) but thanks to social media I made a question tag and asked friends of mine from all walks of life and I got very interesting answers. Here are some … Read more
  • Gut health
    The term gut health has gained popularity in recent years and I am sure you have heard it being thrown around, if you have not, you are surely living under a rock. But never the less I am here for you. First things first the term gut refers to your … Read more
  • How important is nutrition in sports?
    Nutrition can make or break a sportsman or woman, discuss. (20 marks). This reminds me of debates at school the famous ones being 'daddy is better than mummy' or 'water is better than fire' and we would have proposers on one side and opposers on the other. These debates made … Read more
  • The frustrating cycle of dieting
    "I am on a diet" should be one of the most misunderstood statements. Being on a diet translates to a weight loss program for many yet a diet simply refers to nutritional and lifestyle changes that a person makes to improve their health. We have many diets prescribed for medical … Read more
  • Is emotional eating an addiction?
    Drugs and alcohol will come first in people's minds most of the time if not all the time when we talk about addiction but did you know one can quickly become a food addict? An addiction is a chronic dysfunction of the brain system that involves reward, motivation, and memory. … Read more
  • Step up for Breastfeeding
    The World Breastfeeding week 2022 is focused on strengthening the capacity of actors that have to protect, promote and support breastfeeding across different levels of society. Target audiences include governments, health systems, workplaces and communities that ought to be informed, educated and empowered to strengthen their capacity to provide and … Read more
  • Hemorrhoids and diet
    The embarrassment, isolation and shame cannot begin to explain the agony people suffering from hemorrhoids (HEM-uh-roids) also known as piles endure. Extreme pain, itchiness, discomfort and bleeding from the back passage leaves a lot to be desired when dealing with this condition. Daily routines can be greatly affected depending on … Read more
  • Nutrition fact labels
    Packed food items often have information that comes with it but I bet many of us do not go past the name of the item and ingredients some times when the food item is new. How many times do you walk into a supermarket or grocery store and care to … Read more