The Nutritionist

  • Anyone can start 2022 in a healthier way.
    The new year is a good place to start if one is looking to make some good habits to use throughout the year. Anyone, absolutely anyone can start 2022 in a healthier way. The new year is all about setting new habits to be one's best self and this is … Read more
  • Welcome to 2022 – Happy New Year
    The last time I was here was last year and the feeling of flipping to 2022 is very surreal. I welcome you to 2022, Happy new year everybody. I cannot thank God enough because I was one of those who couldn't wait to let 2021 go, but nevertheless, here is … Read more
  • Let us wind #Blogmas in style
    Do not give up yet Not again!!! This is a common reaction when someone sees a heading such as this but before you close off please hear me out. The last two years have been exceptionally hard on everyone. I have a friend who says, I do not make resolutions … Read more
  • Blogmas 14, 15,16,17,18,19 & 20
    Blogmas-Vlogmas. Any difference Vlogmas is the most familiar activity creatives do if I am not mistaken and it is what I was most accustomed to. If you are wondering what Vlogmas is, we need to understand what a Vlog is. A vlog is a form of blog for which the … Read more
  • Blogmas 8,9,10,11,12 &13
    What really is Christmas? Christmas is many things to a lot of us but to me, it is an excuse for a holiday, a break from work, and being with family. (Truth is I am with them all the time but this is different) I also love to see how … Read more
  • Is a tree necessary for Christmas
    When I saw this Blogmas prompt, it got me thinking, is it really necessary? I have never so much about it. Whether we have it or not, I will still enjoy Christmas. But I was curious to find out its origin, maybe I could reconsider my position. Let us learn … Read more
  • Blogmas Day 4,5,6,7
    Honestly, no one ever prepares you for adulthood, that one can plan and things turn out different. As I started this #BlogmasEdition I promised to be in your faces every single day for 25 days up to Christmas and as we can tell already, I have failed you. But when … Read more
  • 5 things I love about Christmas
    To write only 5 things I love about Christmas is very limiting because from old the things to love about this season are countless but let me comb through my brain and pick out the top 5. Are you ready? 1. Christmas liturgy I am a Catholic Christian and Christmas … Read more