I am writing this with the hope that I am not misunderstood. Day 5 of #UgBlogMonth required me to write a day in Lock down. When the lock down happened, I am one of the very few people I guess who was a little thankful for the extra time we had finally got on our hands.

When the year 2020 began I was so excited, like all of you, I drew out my year’s plan and even made a vision board. Among the very many things I had to do, was to travel and obviously that is not possible as of now, maybe later. By the time we were in the second month of the year, it felt like I had lived six months already. My day always began at 5:30am in the morning when I would leave home and would end at around 10:00pm or 11:00pm when I would catch some sleep. Thankfully this has paid off and continues to pay off and I am sure I will share some of this success with you.

Now that lock down is on, it does not mean work gets any less busy, it only means that I get to do everything in one place and can grab a little more sleep. The adjustment is and has not been easy but it is manageable. My day is sprinkled with daily virtual meetings which can even go to 4 or 5 on an extremely busy day. Now that I have to conduct training virtually that too has to be considered although this virtual thing can get very exhausting. I will check and reply emails here and there.

How to Make Virtual Meetings Less Stressful and More Effective

The fact that I am a student, life of adult education is not something very easy so assignments are always flowing in. Among the things required for this class is reading two books a month and writing a synopsis for one or both books. In addition, is a year long assignment, to write a book, something I am very excited about but it does not get easier.

All in all my day in lock down has to see that it takes care of all these and more. I have also in-cooperated exercises in my day although it is not very consistent. I make sure I run at least two kilometres (in the compound) and then make assorted exercises like squats, leg crunches, leg bridges, side kicks, frog bridges and planks among many. Once in a while I will throw in dance sessions with my neighbors. I have not included the cooking in there because my assumption is that it is an obvious activity of the day.

Exercise Silhouette - Clip Art Library

I am focused on drawing out every good thing this lock down has to offer.