If you are reading this, it only means that you are old enough to understand what I am saying.
I have dreamed of you since I can remember, even before I could meet your father, I dreamed of the perfection you would once become and be in our lives. How our lives would change in an instant as soon as we would find out about your existence.

A daunting task it will be from the very start but your innocence and love will melt us. None of the pain and tire will matter. We will love you and cherish you for as long as we live. 

There is a world outside here that will be waiting for you. Many will celebrate and many will not. We will be very lucky to be your parents, and trust me I will pinch myself to reality forever for the fact that you will have chosen me to be your mother. We will pray for you everyday and consecrate you to the Lord’s altar. We will teach you all there is to teach you but most of what you will learn and be will be in the school of life and on your own. 

Do not be afraid to be weak, for in your weakness will you find strength. Do not be afraid to fall, for every time you will fall, a lesson will be learnt. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, they will be a constant reminder that you are not perfect. Find yourself good friends and do not be afraid to lose others. Be careful with life but don’t be too serious with life to miss out it’s fun face. Love relentlessly because the fact is there will be hate in this world and it will hurt so bad, but you don’t have to pay back in the same measure. Look at the world through the underside of a glass boat, through a lens zoom the world and there you will see the galaxies of the human mind; because there will time when you will open your hands to catch and only end up with blisters and bruises. You will soon find out that when you are spreading your wings to fly, there will be weights put on your wings by people you least expect, but don’t worry, there are good ones too who will push you on.
Start over and over until you get it right, do not get tired because at the end of the race, you will look back and notice that mama and papa were cheering you on the whole time. And you will still be glowing in perfection despite the scars. The scars will be the proof of your victory. We love you my sweet child.

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