On the streets of man I will walk
Look out for faithful men, lowly of hearts to be my disciples
With them I will teach, heal and perform miracles
Dine & sleep with them shall I
Yet from them will I be denied &betrayed
But you need not weep for me child.

For 30 silver pieces I will be dragged off the plains of Gethsemane
Before Pilate & Herod shall be paraded and accused falsely
To appease the crowd, Pilate will have me scourged
Chunks of flesh will rip off my body as specks of thorns sip through my brain
Still you need not weep for me child

A heavy cross will be thrown on my sore back
As the soldiers whip my tired bones
The sounds of the spiked weep will run through your ears as the heavy sound of my countless falls will burst through your chest.
You need not weep for me child because there will I be paying the guilt of your sun,  every one of them, every hatred, every sickness, every pain; there on the rugged cross will I be paying them.
Know I have loved and you need not to weep for me.


If you must weep, truly must
Weep then for your selves & your children
For injustice &hatred, violence &lustful thoughts, addiction,  shame. Look to the cross and let it all go because a time will come when you will say to mountains ‘fall upon us’ & to the hills cover us!
Because on the cross all the debts will be paid.
This is the end of the curse, the demise of the serpent.
This is it. It is FINISHED.

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