These things I am going to talk about are things that really make me frown and wish people would stop doing. Thanks to #Day 19 of #UgBlogMonth that has given me the opportunity to say them.

Have you met people who are very passionate about their faith and want everyone to join them? Do not get me wrong, I am one of those but now we have a group of these who will do this by attacking others. As they preach their faith, they choose to talk about the ‘bad’ the other faith does. This gets me questioning the subject of their mission. How I wish people would stop bad mouthing other people’s faith in a bid to get to cross to where they are.

How do people manage to be double faced? In your presence they act like all is fine and going well, only to dig their long pretentious jaws right into your back when you turn. There is something about back biting; somehow it finds a way of getting back to you. If you do not like someone or something they do, there two options; either keep quiet and die with it, or find a way of getting that person know it. How I wish people would stop back biting others.

Work politics is really really annoying. There is a wave of job insecurity that is biting people like a cancer. People are very afraid of losing their job that they are willing to sabotage a fellow colleague just to keep their spot or climb that ladder. Many a time you will get to know about emails that fly around in the background or a baseless accusation of sorts going on. How I wish people would be a team in work places and one family at all times.

Let us talk about time wasters. This is in line of relationships, or should I call them hit and run. I will not tie this to a particular gender because men do this as much as women do. Matters of the heart are such a fragile thing to deal with and it is not fair to play with someone’s emotions and time. Why will someone want to promise something they know in their heart of hearts that they will not live up to. How I wish people would stop playing with people’s hearts.

Ever been robbed and you cried, not because you have been robbed but because you were made a fool of? Well it happened to me sometime back. I was coming from a business engagement during the days when I was an insurer. On this unlucky day I sat in a taxi that was full of thugs who posed as passengers. My friend and I were separated and I was given the front seat as my friend sat in the back. Shortly had we moved than the conductor started bagging me for change. He insisted even when I told him over and again that I did not have. In a bid to get him off my back, I decided to check my purse just in case I had and did not know. This was their move to see how much I had. My ‘fellow’ passenger in the front was the person to carry out the robbery. Having ascertained how much I had, it was time to lay the trap. The conductor once again tells me to tighten my door and immediately my ‘neighbor’ leans in to me in a bid to help me. With his heavy jacket thrown over my bag, he managed to open my bag and take my purse it less that thirty seconds. I realised this after we were advised to get another taxi citing a change of routes. I was really hurt because I felt a big fool in that moment. How I wish people would work for their ‘bread’ in the proper ways and STOP stealing.

How I wish people would stop grabbing their private parts in public. This is more to the male gender. I have never understood why their anatomy gets heavy and requires a little lift. I guess this is something I will never understand but can this not be done in public? It is a little gross.

I could go on and on but I will stop with this one. How I wish people would stop cyber bullying. There is some pseudo power people assume when they sit behind their gadgets. Lately cyber bullying has become very common and has affected public figures the most. We have blood-thirsty journalists who will run a false story not caring for the people affected. It does not matter whether there are children involved or marriages are at stake, someone will fuel it for a pay check. What happened to authenticity in media houses. The uprising of social media influencers just made things worse. How I wish for once we could think before we click.

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