A friend of mine recently wrote a blog wondering whether technology will ever replace humans and this is me attempting to give my thoughts about it.

Everywhere you turn these days, as we have been meant to understand this whole week, there’s alot of talk also on automation replacing humans. It is no doubt that technology is surely advancing at a rapid rate, and the fear of technology taking over humans is very eminent. I still believe there are things that will still need the human touch for sure. Let us take a case in point, the emotion element of a human. I pray and hope we will not turn to technology for this, ever. I cannot imagine having to go to a wired device to find emotional solace. While a machine can perform a given task, often more efficiently than we can, it is my belief that it lacks the artistry in the activity. That is uniquely a human ability to cater to the needs of the individual. Whereas the protocol may suggest one approach, a person who is good at their job understands when to adjust and the subtleties that are required. Not everything will be done by technology.

The other day we talked about Artificial Intelligence making us free from doing repetitive work, making it safer to do our job, I still think it is not smart enough to do creative work and innovate, after all it needs a programmer who is a human to do all that. If I were to ask you, would you want to enter an operating room and be left plugged to machines to carry out an operation or would you want to see humans in there with you? I guess the latter sounds more comfortable than the former.

Could we talk spiritual for a bit now, how does technology replace the givers of our spiritual nourishment? This is one area I feel is the pivot for life and there is no where in this world that we see ourselves turning to technology for spiritual nourishment unless we are worshiping idols; and the second Commandment forbids worship of man-made things that represent false gods. So again, there there is no way technology will replace humans.

It goes without mention that technology is and continues to have so many benefits however replacing humans, that I do not think so. Maybe working alongside sounds more like it. I still want to interact with a smiling human at the reception desk, want to be served by a handsome waiter, I want to sit in church and look at the preacher speak to me, feel the touch of a doctor when am not well or even the hands of a masseuse at the spa. Humans are here for a long long time I will say.

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