Much as I have so many things I miss so dearly and would have loved to write about them, they are things that I can easily get back soon or later. So I am going to write just two things that I can never get back. Not in this life and oh! how heavens know I miss them so dearly.

I dearly miss my childhood. Isn’t it so funny how when you are young you just cannot wait to be an adult, yet this is something that you cannot get back once you are grown. Somehow things always worked themselves out while I was young. There was no apparent stress of figuring out life because there was someone else carrying that cross. Never was I concerned about safety, sleeping hungry, shelter name it. All I had to do was live life as it was handed to me. I miss my childhood so bad and maybe if I had known that it will never come back, I would have lived it fuller than I lived it. I however do not regret the way I lived it but I only wish God could give me just a week in my childhood again.

The other thing I forever miss is my best friend who the world took from me prematurely. I miss the pure heart he had, the never dull moments that we always had. Not only with me but with every person that crossed his path. The time I doubted myself, he was there to believe in me. Even when the whole world misunderstood our friendship, he stood in the tide. The endless plans for each others separate lives we had and couldn’t wait to witness is something I will forever miss. Oh! I miss the beer nights too. Even when I would want to be angry at the world that snatched him from us, I do not have right to but this is a friendship I will miss forever.

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