This week was a cultural and fashion week and I decided not embarrass myself and stick to something that I am most confident in which is culture, mostly on food. (If you have not read on those, you may want to pause right here and swipe back a few pages and enjoy those first. It will make me very happy.) Nevertheless this being the end of the week, I will make an attempt to talk a little about the things I tend to like to wear. I don’t want to call it fashion because I doubt it is anyway.

Favorite color

Many of the colors that I have are in dark tones, particularly black so whenever this question is posed to me, I like to say black is my favorite color. And yes I am one of those girls who believe black is the new pink. I once asked my mother how she would take it if I wore a black gown on my wedding. You guessed right! Just like any African mother, she said I would have to attend that on my own, probably with my husband. It is just of late that I am trying to introduce lighter shades in my wardrobe but a black outfit will always catch my eye.

What does my style say about me?

I am one of those people who don’t subscribe to the saying, “Smartness knows no weather” If it is cold, I will wear a warmer over that dress please, I am not about to freeze please. I will more than often choose comfort over style. I have a group of friends where we decided to respect Sundays which is the day of the Lord so this is the day you will find me ‘overly dressed’ like many like to say. We decided that we shall always dress our best on this day and now it almost happens unconsciously. The rest of the days you will find me in a more casual style, unless I have a very important event to go to. I will more than often choose to wear sneakers over heels. Give me sneakers any day please. I like to say that my daily style is more of a relaxed and free spirited one mixed with confidence and strength. Once in a while I will out do myself but that is when it is really necessary.

Style Icons

Style icons are stylish men and women who have come before us from whom we draw inspiration for our style. This doesn’t mean copying them entirely, but simply noting some of the style choices that also reflect elements of who we are. Now here I will confess that I do not have one, the most that I do is to look at different stylish people especially on Instagram and like their fashion. Rarely does this cross over to my style choices so maybe it is safe to say Instagram is my style icon.

Items I am always drawn to

The moment I walk into a clothing store I immediately gravitate towards the shoe section, particularly for sneakers. Then I will look out for a beautiful black item, could be a dress, skirt, jumper, trousers, it just has to have a hue of black and it will get me hooked.

Not sure if I have done justice to the fashion world but briefly that is what my personal style would look like on a given random day.

10 Replies to “Personal style”

  1. Hey you…I’m so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone..👏👏👏also I used to wear black, grey and brown and that was my wardrobe. Now I’m all colorful. As for the sneakers….me too…any day. Thank you for this

  2. That moment when you see yourself in a picture- indescribable 🥰🥰🥰

    I think you forgot another outfit you always walk out with, seen you rocking it in and out of season. I always wonder how you never out wear it- your beautiful smile.

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