Impromptu refers to something being made, done, or formed on or as if on the spur of the moment. This is most commonly exhibited in a speech where one talks about a topic with little or no preparation. A nocturnal culture has slowly cropped up within a writing community that I subscribe to, Afrobloggers, where someone posts a one-liner and different people find themselves writing beautiful creations in the forms of poetry. I call it a nocturnal culture because it is usually during the wee hours of the night when someone somewhere has for some reason lost sleep.

The art of impromptu creativity has more benefits than one including, enhancing creativity, boosting confidence among creatives, benchmarking from experienced creatives to mention but a few. Given chance, please do not shy away from impromptu sprees.

The other night, I was feeling very uncomfortably hot in the wee hours of the night and I decided to share my plight with my partners in crime, a beautiful piece was created and I will share it here just to expound on the power and beauty of impromptu creativity. See what a one-liner created.

I am burning in my own skin……….. (Poets do your thing.)

I am burning in my own skin
My mind blanking,
my heart is racing
Look at me now, my walls are breaking

When I met you, I thought there’d be no stressing
But you acting like Mike Tyson, you got me punched in
I thought witchu it’d be different,
but boy, like so many other guys
you can’t keep your junk in

By Shadray, Check him out here

I am burning in my own skin
Fires coaxing every inch of my body
Crawling deeper with each flicker
The warmth I needed those winter nights
It’s not cozy here anymore
Though the hotter it gets, resilience is birthed
We never intended for this
Yet here we are
Burning both ways
We both ying
We both yang

By Sue Nyakubaya, Check her out here

I am burning in my own skin
I can’t possibly hold this in –
Much longer!
It gets stronger –
With each passing moment.

It threatens to rip me apart
But I don’t know how to start
Letting the world know.
How do I show
What could possibly be?

I’ll feed the passion quietly
Let it burn on internally
Soon it will be
Greater than me
And then, the world will burn

By Mary Kyohere, Check her out here

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