For the first time I will open up about a time that was really dark in my life, a few years ago. It was about the time I was beginning to taste the waters of work life. Given that I had become independent in my year two at university, I had bills to pay so work for me was not for trying out but it was needed. The person I was working for (God bless him) was not the best of payers. We struggled to be paid and it was very frustrating and before we knew it he was temporarily put out of business which meant that I was out of work for an indefinite period. During this time, my mother was really sick adding to the frustration I already had. I would barely get what to eat and I did not mind as long as I got money to pay my landlord. I would cry myself to sleep not knowing how tomorrow would be. Neither my family nor friends knew and somehow I managed not to isolate myself. So the time I would walk out of my house, I would lock my sorrow in there, wear a big smile only to pick it up on my return. Did I mention I had been brutally betrayed by this time so basically I was moving in a dark allay. I prayed or thought I was praying but complained a lot. One day as I drenched my pillow with tears, I felt something say to me, for how long are you going to keep like this? (I believe it was God speaking to me). If you cry and lay here what is going to change? The voice continued. And as if scales were falling from my eyes, I saw how ‘foolish’ I was. From that moment I decided to be intentionally happy despite what is going in my life at that moment and find a solution instead on burying my head in the sand. Not pretend to be happy but to be genuine to myself. So rarely will you find me not happy. That being said, here are the things that make me genuinely happy.


I serve in ministry at church and as a leader in different groups I am a part of. I sing with the Blessed Women of Faith and Christ the King worship team. This fulfills me in ways I cannot exhaust or put in words. The praise and worship ministry in all churches I believe is one of the most demanding ministries. One has to put off time to continuously rehearse the songs to be sung as well as minister time and again. not only that but your personal life is put in a spot where you get to be judged very easily. I love everything that comes with it regardless.

When it comes to leadership, I love to organise things all the time and this comes with the role. Many times it is thorny but very rewarding. When an event is pulled off or a particular assignment under my leadership, nothing makes me happier. I love to serve as a leader.


I bet you did not think that I would forget this one. It is very funny that my food choices are very limited yet still food will make me happy. First and foremost, I don’t like most of the common food options we have including, wheat based products, pastas, posho, maize, cassava to mention but a few. This leaves just a few choices for me to eat, porridge being a constant. But the few ones left bring me a lot of joy and I am one the people who gets really excited while I cook a particular food that I am going to eat. Food really makes me happy.

Taking pictures

I probably tell myself how good I look more than anyone will ever do. I love to take pictures of myself, make funny faces as I laugh at my madness and then scroll through the pictures. A camera makes me happy. I am not very confident to keep asking people to take pictures of me but I have mastered how to make use of my Samsung self timers and one will think I have a personal photographer on the go.

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do


From the time I was little I have been attracted to young children especially those who are 3 years and below. I love to be with children, feed them, play and dance with them and thankfully my career deals a lot with children. I do not know why I have ‘sleeping’ hands though but for children who are little, once I hold them, for some reason they fall asleep. But anyhow, I love children. They make me so happy.


The thing I love the most about travelling is most probably the packing process and the voyage in itself. I love to see different places as we drive. It is always fun when the music blares in the car as different bites and conversations brewing laughter keep making rounds. Seeing people slide off their seats as they dose also makes the journeys a lot more fun and finally the pictures taken in the middle of the roads. I love to travel

Family and friends

Finally nothing beats it for me like being in the company of family and very good true friends. Whatever it is that is being done, even just laying on a mat makes my heart glow. It is so heart warming to know that you have people in your corner. These people will make me happy any day any time.

As we complete this challenge I cannot believe they have been 21 days already. I did not add that writing makes me happy because it should be very evident by now. For everyone who has been glued to my website with some personally reaching me when I delay to put out a piece, I am indented to you. To my friend Ms. Murriel Atai Aloka who pushed me to join this challenge, there is no way I cannot thank you. These are the people who keep cheering us on day in and day out. Finally to everyone out there blessed with a writing muscle thank you for exercising it, not forgetting the Uganda Blogging Community that gave us this opportunity.

Please do not stop supporting young talent and I for one, I welcome all kinds of constructive criticism and be tuned on here for more amazing pieces of information especially for nutrition. After this we are doing a food cultural tour and we are going to see the different foods we have in our cultures and the interesting stories that surround their preparation and significance.

Again, thank you so much.

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