Dear Henry

Today marks the 365th since you changed residence. You went to that other world rather faster than we ever anticipated; And the way you went was rather one that was undesired, but I will not dwell so much on that. You see, you left at a time when we thought (of course according to our human understanding) was too early or should I call it premature. You were at the peak of your career with humongous dreams and plans. Your daughter was barely understanding what was going on, basically we were taken by surprise. And given the fact that you went to a place where no one goes and comes back or gives account of what it is like, you will forgive the pain we all endured when you left. We love to call it a loss.

Since I will not get a report from you, me I will tell what is happening lately because I believe you will read it somehow from your world. You will not believe it if I told that the whole world is under siege. No, not physical war but something close to that. Some flu like aliment came from no where, okay we are told it came from China and in less that 3 months, spread to the whole world. I kid you not! It spread like a wild fire and every government asked it’s people to hide in houses, although we had the hard core ones like Tanzania and Burundi that refused and life went on as usual. Planes were not allowed to fly anymore, cars were parked and people were told to stay indoors. They gave it a fancy name though; LOCK DOWN. We were told to wash hands like crazy as a preventative measure and to keep away from people. Trust me, funny as it may sound, people died and are still dieing in hundreds as this so called virus, Corona Virus as it was named, takes ones’ respiratory system hostage and if one is not strong enough it claims their lives. Well this is the biggest happening lately and now wearing face masks is our new normal. Churches, bars, schools are still closed and only God knows when they will open. Or maybe you have a clue since you are in his front yard.

Apart from that the usual is happening, we are growing up like crazy, people giving birth left right and center as well as getting married. Yes! ‘Mada’ got married recently shortly after ‘ka-Liz’. ‘Baby Gloria’ too is in the pipeline and for Phillip…….well, that is a story for another day. Life keeps pouncing on me in varied ways. Some days are really good, others are normal and others are terrible. There things that happen and I just want to call you ‘onvume ebinyo‘ but then I remember that in your new world there are no phone towers and I settle. It has been a long while since I saw Abigail but I know she is in safe hands with the best care and certainly all grown up. Life without you will never be the same but we have adopted because I know that is what you would have wanted.

Today we shall be plucking flower petals in form of prayers and through the intercession of our dear Mother Mary, we shall be praying for you and thanking God for the life that you lived and shared with us. You are greatly missed and forever loved my dear Muyo……….Until that day when we meet and teeth again, we will be praying for you.

Enjoy your new citizenship my dear friend.

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