I interrupt our usual schedule of #Date-Wednesday and come to you on a Tuesday because it is a very special day in the world. It is 8th March – International Women’s Day. The day when we celebrate our femininity and bask in all its glory.


It is an honour to be created female and even in my next life, I will still choose to be female. In the creation story in Genesis, I love the fact that Adam in all the wonders that the Lord had created, magnificent as they were, was not happy still. It is after the Lord made a woman from his rib that his life was complete, he became happier (not that he was not happy before) but he got happier and life became more meaningful. A woman brings life to society.

High pitched, attention seeker, home-maker, beautiful, the thinker, the planner et cetera are some of the attributes used to describe a woman. It is both easy and difficult to live with a woman yet it is inevitable. Sweet and sour I like to call it. A woman will drive you nuts yet you will go nuts without one in your life. (Try if you can). The woman I am speaking about does not have to be in the romantic sense, it can be purely platonic, a sister, mother, a daughter, any female. A woman brings the flavour into society.

We recently welcomed my niece into the world. A beautiful little girl who in her littleness has already curved out her world. She has painted it and it is up to you to figure out where to fit in. At one moment she wants to be by herself and at another loathes her own shadow. This is in no particular order and many times we struggle to keep up. It is no wonder that many like to say women are complicated but many times a woman may have no control of the emotions bombarding her at the same time. Try to catch up whenever you can. Believe me, that patience exists within you. A woman is not complicated, try to catch up, she may or may not have the control.

Most importantly pray for the woman (women) in your life because being a female does not come with a manual and we learn on the job. She is a target for many, bound to be ridiculed at one point in her life yet she has to show up and do this thing called life. A woman is a target for many, pray for her.

To the women out there who feel less of women because they are not married at age X as spelt out by society, still trying to look for the fruit of the womb and are still unsuccessful, do not look a certain way because society dictates so, grappling to the pressures of women timelines, (I could go on forever) this Women’s day is for you. We need to #BreakTheBias even among ourselves. It however starts with us in our heads. If you not convince yourself, nothing else will do justice. Be your biggest cheerleader because unfortunately, no one will. The world is a jungle and only the fittest survive. Train among the wolves and you will conquer beasts.

If you have contributed to a woman’s pain (woman or man), shame on you. I pray that on this day you reflect and change for better.

I wish every female a blessed International Women’s Day. Let us #BreakTheBias. It starts with you.

16 Replies to “A woman is many things.”

    1. Many have tried and have failed. I think we are fighting the wrong battle, if only we could understand that we need each other, we would not be where we are right now.
      Thank you so much for reading

  1. Well said.
    If we must break the bias it starts in our heads.
    Happy International Women’s Day to you too!

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