We are 3 months into the new year and I don’t know how the year is moving for you but from where I sit, so far so good. I have been consistent with our #DateWednesday, a promise I made as we began the year and I couldn’t be anymore happier. Women’s month is here.

March is also known as Women’s Month, a month set aside to celebrate women and also raise awareness for issues surrounding the female gender that ought to be highlighted. The highlight of Women’s month is International Women’s day that is celebrated annually on 8th March. This day has been celebrated since 1911 with many countries all over the world celebrating with demonstrations, educational initiatives, and customs like presenting women with gifts and flowers. The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreakTheBias. Follow from wherever you are.

Women's day theme

Since time memorial, society and culture had placed women at the rear and the more women attained education and civilization became big, the more women demanded a seat on the table. Inequalities that were long in existence began to be looked into intentionally and this has not stopped since then. (Thank God). Whereas this empowerment has been a good thing, in the 21 century we are battling with balancing the empowerment of females versus the lack of empowerment for the boy child. But this is not why I am here today. It is Women’s month and by virtual of being a woman myself, I ought to celebrate my very own the way I know-how.

Be ready for content that is focused on empowering, uplifting, and informing girls and women on aspects all nutrition. It goes without question the role females play in bringing forth life and let alone bringing up this life. Many a time the life of a child is dependent on the choices made by women. The health of a family can thrive or collapse based on the choices a woman will make in her home.

What this means is that if we can empower women to make informed nutrition choices, we may begin to see a tremendous shift in the nutrition of our children, families, and a nation at large.   It has for long now been my life purpose to be a source of life-changing information, especially in nutrition. Please engage with my content this whole month and let me take charge of our nutrition health.

Women's month

It is going to be a busy month because March is also National Nutrition Month. What a timely combination. I am ready, are you?

Christians world over are beginning their Lenten period and I would like to wish each one of you a spirit-filled and fruitful season as you prepare for the risen king. Remember the three pillars of this season which are PRAYER FASTING ALMS GIVING. I wish you the very best and let us continue praying for each other.

See you next Wednesday.

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