The last time I was here was last year and the feeling of flipping to 2022 is very surreal. I welcome you to 2022, Happy new year everybody. I cannot thank God enough because I was one of those who couldn’t wait to let 2021 go, but nevertheless, here is another opportunity to reset, restrategize and win with a bang.

How was the festive for you? Did you catch up with your loved ones? Did you have the well-deserved rest you needed? I hope you did because I did. I refilled my cup and you are not ready for what I have for you this year. Be ready for an awesome ride, there is a lot I have in store for you and I am really excited about it.

You are reading this on Wednesday, five days into the new year. It is not by accident because 2022 is coming with a beautiful twist. Every Wednesday will be our content date, we will light the candles, get cosy and read away. I will do everything in my power to deliver this promise.

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This will be us every Wednesday. :Internet Image

As we write in our first chapter of this new book (2022), I wish that all of you are filled with hope, May the Lord be by your side all year through, and when the cracks cave, may you have the strength to fix them and move forward.

Gifts for you – Happy New year

I will leave you with 5 gifts to carry with you into the new year. Here we go;

📌 Be grateful for the little things, you may not have hit the big ones in 2021 but you surely did something, I am clapping for you.

📌 Was 2021 a tough year? Okay, don’t wallow in your sorrow, the world is moving, push through and pray that 2022 is a better year.

📌 Your resolutions don’t go past the 15th day of January? Be kind to self, make 1, it is okay.

📌 You learnt some lessons in 2021 right? Don’t let that go to waste.

📌 Lastly pray to the one you believe in for your stars to align in the new year.

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Best of Luck in 2022

Happy new year everyone and thank you for coming back again this year. Here are some articles to keep you company till we next meet.

See you on Wednesday.

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