Do not give up yet

Not again!!! This is a common reaction when someone sees a heading such as this but before you close off please hear me out.

The last two years have been exceptionally hard on everyone. I have a friend who says, I do not make resolutions anymore, the day that comes is what I count on. Who can blame them? There is one thing for sure though, every cloud has a silver lining. Is it hard for you to breathe? Please do not give up yet, try again, it is worth the try. Take a break if you must but do not give it all up. This period has taught us countless lessons some of which are very hard to stomach but it is what it is. I share the 12 lessons I learned this year, next, so stay tuned.

12 lessons I learned this year

  • Lesson 1; Life is short and time is swift, make the most of it when you still can
  • Lesson 2; It is not too late to make an impact in society, you just have to decide.
  • Lesson 3; Invest in yourself, it is the best reward you can ever give self
  • Lesson 4; Nothing in this world is worth your peace.
  • Lesson 5; It is impossible to please man, save yourself the ache.
  • Lesson 6; Be the bigger person in a situation, it always counts.
  • Lesson 7; Purpose to seek out new company from time to time, you will learn loads.
  • Lesson 8; Do not be afraid to move on, complacency is jail.
  • Lesson 9; No one will give you the joy you desire, you have it within you.
  • Lesson 10; Sometimes you win, other times you lose and it is okay.
  • Lesson 11; Nothing lasts forever, breathe.
  • Lesson 12; A story has to be told or there will be no story. Do not die with it.

A letter to self

Dear Lutgard

You did well mama. This year started bitter-sweet, you endured some hard blows, made tough decisions, crumbled under the weight of some but you flew high at the same time love. It has been beautiful watching the roller coaster.

I remember the look on your face when your book finally got published, priceless!!!! I didn’t see a tear fall but I know you teared deep inside. Sitting in front of the camera, uncomfortable as it was, I could tell that you were happy to be living your purpose. You did well my dear girl and the world embraced it. Proud of you does not come close to what I feel for you but I am PROUD OF YOU LUTGARD. The world is not yet ready for what you have in store for them.

I promise to keep cheering you here on the sidelines. I will laugh silly with you, cry with you, and win with you. You have got this. With the Lord whom you serve relentlessly, you are going to make it large.

I love you


Lutgard Musiime Akiiki

My Inspiration for Blogmas

I had struggled to write this year from outright exhaustion yet I knew I had to rise to the occasion. I however managed to always publish one article every other month although deep within me I knew I had to do better. When Sylvia Ideh posted this challenge in our writing community, I did not want to participate but I knew this was my opportunity to restore my rhythm for writing. This was my inspiration for Blogmas. I may have not done it the way I envisioned but I am glad I could hop on it and have finished strong. Amazing!!!


I am writing this on 24th December 2021, with a sore back and feet from bending the whole day doing endless chores at home in preparation for Christmas. Being born in a small family and being the only girl has its pros and cons, one of the cons is that you endure most of the work (I love it, don’t get me wrong) but it gets very tiring as well.

That is beside the point though. I want to thank each one of you who made it a point to read my Blogmas content, but most importantly those who have been with me from day 1, you are the real MVPs, The child Jesus is born unto us and it is reason enough for us to celebrate. May hope be renewed and restored in your hearts and your families as you celebrate Christmas this year.

The Blogmas season comes to an end, but blogging does not stop. There is a lot more and better. I will not be here though until next year, so I guess I have to wish each of you a blessed 2022. You are special to me and I cannot wait to have you in the new year.

Till next time. God bless you.

4 Replies to “Let us wind #Blogmas in style”

  1. Powerful lessons shared over there.

    My take home is to “move on, complacency is jail”


    Well-done on completing the #Blogmas challenge

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