Blogmas-Vlogmas. Any difference

Vlogmas is the most familiar activity creatives do if I am not mistaken and it is what I was most accustomed to. If you are wondering what Vlogmas is, we need to understand what a Vlog is.

A vlog is a form of blog for which the medium is video. You may call it a video blog or video log if you like, sometimes shortened to vlog. According to Wikipedia, Vlog entries often combine embedded video with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts.

So now that we know what a vlog is, Vlogmas is simply a holiday event where YouTube creators post videos every day in December leading up to Christmas. They purpose to create a video every day until the 25th of December.

At the beginning of the #Blogmas edition, I mentioned what Blogmas is, the only difference between Blogmas and Vlogmas is the difference in the medium used to publish content for their audiences.

This time, here are currently my favorite Vloggers; 1. Maggie Mwende, an all-time favorite, 2. Flavia Tumusiime, 3. Oh Smallstuff

Watch them and see if you can pick out a thing or two.

5 bloggers killing it in this Blogmas edition season

If I make it past the 3 mark, I will be very lucky. My number one has to be the person responsible for this. Sylvia Ideh was gracious enough to come up with Blogmas ideas and share them freely with anyone who wanted to join in. You can read more of her Blogmas here.

The second one is my girl Joy who graciously joined me in this challenge so that I do not die alone. This girl always comes through. She will soon join the table of authors and I will be here to plug you in. For now, enjoy her Blogmas articles here.

The rest of the people I am following are not in the #Blogmas frenzy so let us say I have these two. Are you following any bloggers killing it in this Blogmas edition and you share with me?

The most romantic thing that has ever happened to me

I laughed, smiled, and shook my head on this part as I do not know what to write or where to begin.

Can we please postpone this to the next Blogmas?

If I……………….., I would…………..

I grew up without my father really present in our lives as he should have. No blame apportioned but IF I COULD CHANGE BACK TIME, I WOULD WANT HIM TO BE MORE PRESENT.

My darling father went to be with the Lord in 2018 but I vividly count the days he was in our lives. If only parents knew the impact of presence in a child’s life, a lot would change. I pray to God every day to do the very best for my children.


I am so glad this day is a freestyle. As we enter into Christmas, something made my cheeks hurt from smiling yesterday. I subscribe to a community of writers called the Afrobloggers and this is a place that has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most talented creatives. Among us is a very intelligent, awesome, heart warmed individual, revolutionary lawyer, writer, and a prisoner of Hope as he often says. He gets along with everyone, a “fighter”- a stroke survivor to mention but a few. As a Ugandan Chapter, many of us had not met face to face before although we were in each other’s space for more than a year. When the chance availed itself for us to share an early Christmas with the old man himself, we hopped on it and if I tell you it was the best thing to close the year, you will not believe me. You can never underestimate the value of relational capital. The pictures will tell the rest of the story.


Vulnerability for me has never been comfortable, is it for anyone though? Sometimes life just throws it at us and tests every little strength in us. In the hit of the moment you feel the world closing in on you, your purpose for life greatly shaken and unless you have a strong support system, you crumble.

This happened to me this year. I tasted the bitter cup of betrayal and it broke me into a million pieces. It took Grace to get out of the pit I had been thrown. My support system was tried and tested.

The 5 key lessons I learned however are;

  • Lesson 1; Whatever you are going through, the world doesn’t stop moving so the faster you pick up yourself, the better for you.
  • Lesson 2; Your emotions even to God at that moment are valid. Do the most but let them out. That is a form of prayer.
  • Lesson 3; Sometimes you don’t need the answers, things happen and no one owes you an explanation. Even when it doesn’t make sense.
  • Lesson 4; Your support system is very important. Their brains are of more use than yours
  • Lesson 5; Healing takes time, be kind to yourself.

The best thing that happened this year

Differently Abled Nutrition

Finally getting my book published has got to be the best thing that happened this year. Feel free to call me the author. I wrote a book titled DIFFERENTLY ABLED NUTRITION, a book for parents and guardians who have a disability that affects feeding as well as children below the age of five. This was a 2020 project that had me going back and forth, spending money and everything in between. Seeing this project come to completion was a major win. Please feel free to purchase a copy here.

As Christmas approaches, be kind to yourself and to your neighbor. Let us chat in the comment section.

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