What really is Christmas?

Christmas is many things to a lot of us but to me, it is an excuse for a holiday, a break from work, and being with family. (Truth is I am with them all the time but this is different)

I also love to see how Christmas shapes the entire universe, a believer in the birth of Jesus or not alike. Almost everything comes to a standstill world over. Old customs come alive, Christmas ornaments, artifacts, and songs are dusted and they show up. The days leading to Christmas are a beehive of activity and then the days after are slow and fast at the same time. We tend to lose track of time and days during this period because Monday looks like Friday and Friday feels like Sunday. These days are special. That week feels like it will last a lifetime but speeds away like thunder. Christmas is special.

The Day I…………

On this day I am meant to give my readers something juicy but it feels like I have given it all in all the writes I have published that my brain has failed to find anything worthy of this section. So let us just say that I have failed for this one or maybe to be fair, you may want to take a stroll in this park and catch on something you may deem worthy.

If you would like a snippet on the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me so far, please be my guest here.

Is a tree necessary for Christmas?

My pre-teen self would be jumping in the air in agreement just like a new dress being a pre-requisite for Christmas because why not? This is the only thing to me at that time that signaled the arrival of such a sacred moment. Like I mentioned earlier, Christmas was the decorations, new dress, and the tree.

Now as an adult, there is a lot to think about other than the tree or new dress for Christmas but the memories of old are still cherished. Our last born is a fully-fledged adult now so the hype, especially for the tree, has gone down but the tree goes up whenever there is one who has the energy to put it up.

The promise I made is to see that my ‘tired’ self does not rob the young ones of this opportunity. So whenever the little ones are around, the tree has to go up, new outfits have to be bought (for them especially) and then the food is a constant. These memories have to be kept alive, please.

Best Christmas Books I have read

I will be honest with this one, never have I had the opportunity to read a Christmas book, but if the Bible counts, then sure, it is the Best and only book I have read.

The Christmas Story in the Bible - The Birth of Jesus - Open for Christmas

My favorite memory of Christmas

So as a family we had this culture of taking pictures every after mass on Sunday. So remember new dresses would be worn on Christmas and we just could not wait for the mass to get finished. The lines were always long but we cheerfully waited each time for the photographer (Katumba) to do the honors. The pictures always took an eternity to return but that did not matter. That day was special. Thereafter, the next activity was my least favorite as we would have to do a lot of chores to get the Christmas lunch on the table which would be ready by 3 pm.

That day had so many artists making their debuts all over and some Christmas days we would be lucky enough to tag along with our parents and go watch the late Paul Kafeero in the Community Hall. It was always him because that is what my parents liked and watched.

Come to think about it, can parents dare to take their children to concerts anymore, aside from live band?

An embarrassing memory for Christmas

This has no registry in my book of life. I cannot remember any at least. I am sorry to disappoint.

I will close this at this point before I get all boring. To my dear readers, I have run out of excuses for this Blogmas edition. The content has come in slower than expected but like I promised I will make sure I finish what I started. We are not quitters here.

Please feel free to share with me in the comments what it looks like in your world for all the topics I have written about. We are doing this together. Let us meet in the comment section and in the next Blogmas edition

Thank you for reading.

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