December is a happy month for so many of us including me, mostly because of Christmas or should I say holidays, but also because the year is ending. I won’t lie that this year has not been easy for many of us but there is always a silver lining on every cloud.

So this is me trying to be hyped for this season and would like to take you along so we are going to be in each other’s faces for the next 25 days. There is this thing called Blogmas. Honestly, I was more familiar with Vlogmas, something YouTubers do every Christmas season where they create content for their viewers for 25 days starting on 1st December till Christmas. Now that I know that it is legal for bloggers too to have ours, I could not resist.

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a season in December where bloggers make blog posts daily from the 1st December till the 25th sharing Christmas content and everything in between. This is what we will do on here. Technically this should have been sent out yesterday which was 1st December but life was happening to me and the day went by. I will put out 2 posts today at least to catch up.

Let us be jolly as the season to be is here. Should you have something you would want me to write about, (Christmas Content), please be sure to put it in the comment section and I will gladly oblige.

Tis’ the season to be jolly, so let us have a badass Blogmas

See you later

8 Replies to “Blogmas is upon us”

  1. Yaaayyyy!!!
    Tis the season to be jolly!!

    Let’s have a badass blogmas, Lutgard!🤗💙

    It feels really good seeing you use these prompts, yunno?!😁

    I am hyped for Blogmas!

    Love, Sylvia Ideh-The Badass Blogger 💙

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