Honestly, no one ever prepares you for adulthood, that one can plan and things turn out different. As I started this #BlogmasEdition I promised to be in your faces every single day for 25 days up to Christmas and as we can tell already, I have failed you. But when we fail, we stand up, dust ourselves and continue the journey. The promise I will make is that content for the 25 days will be served, this content coming in every day is what I cannot guarantee anymore. So can we catch up at least and pay this debt? We left off on day 3, so we will continue with Day 4

Throwback to Christmas

My memory for last Christmas is really hazy because a lot of things happened shortly after that Christmas and killed everything for me. But let me try. I remember that Christmas was in the middle of a pandemic, at the height of messy campaigns and my brother had been recently married. As usual, I was at my mother’s and for the first time for Christmas, it was just me and mum. My 2 brothers did not come home this time around so it was new. We went to church, cooked, had our meal (a lot of food as always), had conversations here and there, and that was it. I remember being very lazy to send out individual Christmas messages to friends and family. Shortly after mum broke her leg, a friend of mine died, things were really messed. So that was what happened. Santa better passes by this year with better tidings.

Never have I ever

This is a popular game and a fun one too, best played with drinks. The aim is to loosen up a crowd and get them to be a little more comfortable with one another. The questions range from the simple ones to the harder ones that can get personal. If the question is true, I will take a shot. If it is not the other person takes the shot. So let us try and see how far I can go. Regard this as a virtual edition

  • Never have I ever got a tattoo (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever stood someone up on a date (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever had a speeding ticket (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever ghosted someone’s texts (My shot)
  • Never have I ever lied to get out of going to work (My shot)
  • Never have I ever given a fake name (My shot)
  • Never have I ever dumped someone over text (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever been sick on public transport (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever been thrown out of a bar or club (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever gone skinny dipping (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever gone out with a friend’s ex (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight (My shot)
  • Never have I ever said ‘I love you’ when I didn’t mean it (My shot)
  • Never have I ever been mugged (My shot)
  • Never have I ever broken a bone (My shot)
  • Never have I ever lied about leaving the club early (My shot)
  • Never have I ever dropped my phone in a toilet (My shot)
  • Never have I ever run out on a meal without paying (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever Googled my own name (My shot)
  • Never have I ever forgotten where I parked my car (My shot)
  • Never have I ever fancied a friend’s parent (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever kissed more than one person in one day (Your shot)
  • Never have I ever had to hide a love bite (My shot)

Let us stop there, We should be over my limit already, these shots are too many although you can share with me what surprises you the most.

5 movies to watch to get you Christmasy

I am the wrong one for this, if I thought so hard all that comes to mind is Home Alone and mark you this is because we always watched this one while growing up. Otherwise on Christmas many times the time flies so fast and we end up watching nothing. Let me refer you to my friend Joy for the movies to watch. I will also be trying out this time and I will surely update you.

Amazon.com: Home Alone : Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John  Heard, Roberts Blossom, Catherine O'Hara, Angela Goethals, Devin Ratray,  Gerry Bamman, Hillary Wolf, John Candy, Larry Hankin, Julio Macat, Chris  Columbus,

Favorite Christmas Carols

This is one of my favorites because I love to listen to the Christmas Carols, I will share many of these.

Death robbed us of Philly Lutaya but his legacy lives on through his songs
Taya’s vocals are incredibly beautiful. You will throw nursery rhymes and her vocals will do them justice. I love this song even more with her vocals
This has all the songs we grew up to. I always smile listening to these
I love this song because it feels like a blend of the new music genre and the old and it blended so well. The lyrics are rich too with the reality of what is happening in our modern times.

Let us meet tomorrow, God willing

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  1. Why didn’t I want the post to end?
    I totally loved and enjoyed reading I this.
    I should try the Never have I ever game too. Thanks for the idea!
    Blogmas here we come!

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