Who would have ever imagined a bean sauce being a treasured dish in one of the array of cultures in Uganda?

Firinda is a special dish with its roots in the far west specifically in the Batooro and Banyoro culture. This dish was served to special guests in a home and is a dish that cannot be missed on their wedding ceremonies. Because of it’s rather tedious procedure of preparation that includes soaking beans overnight, this dish was and still is one that is prepared rarely and highly anticipated by everyone. It was a dish that was always served with millet bread (kalo) which was a staple food in these culture. Lately this has changed and this sauce is accompanied by different foods like matooke and potatoes although for special occassions like weddings, the staple food (millet bread) is maintained.

The beauty about this dish is that it does not involve frying therefore it is one of the healthiest foods one can consume. This sauce is also very good for weaning infants (introducing solid foods) and also for children who are malnourished too. It can also be used for recuperating patients as well as a post surgery dish. Did I mention that it is very inexpensive too yet it will leave your taste buds yearning for more?

Below I take you through the steps of preparing this dish.

Step 1; Remove the testa of beans that have been soaked over night remaining which sparkly white beans
Step 2; In clean water boil the beans until soft. Add salt, onions, garlic and garden eggs (entula) as the beans are about to get ready.
Step 3; Remove the beans from fire and drain the water. ( do not pour the water away, save for later) Remove the garden beans (entula) and keep them aside. Mash the beans until you get a smooth paste. You can also use a blender or food processor if you have one.
Step 4; Pour the mashed beans back to the pan and return on very low heat. Add some of the water we removed from the beans if the paste is too thick. Add the garden beans (entula) back too and bring to a slow boil for a few minutes. Add cow’s ghee or butter (optional) to increase the nutrition value of the beans and to enhance the taste too.
Step 5; Once satisfied with the outcome, served in a dish and eat with a preferred accompaniment.

This is a dish worth trying out. Do not be discouraged by the first step. The results are amazing. Share with us your experience.

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  1. So interesting thank you very much Hangiriza Tooro culture and the Beautiful people with in the culture

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