I remember looking at her eyes glistening with bloody tears of guilt for something she did not chooseEven without seeing it I could tell that her heart beat faster than a drummer’s handsAnd from where I was I could her the sound of hear heart “lum-dum” was deeper than the sound of a bass guitar
At her age she knew rape not as just a word spelt out in the dictionary but it was now written in her now open book for a life which was being judged by the cover and not the content in it. Pouts of mouths pointed at her in disgust, as those kind enough just gave her a cold glare at the misery of the never ending ‘Mary go round’ horror of a life she had suddenly been handed.
Her life had been turned upside down by a ravaging selfish flesh of a man who cared less about wrecking a pair of soft bones.What lies in her body for a baby will never live to see the light of day because she is only a child and cannot carry another child at that age.The disease she has no idea about will live with her till the day she sees the mouth of her grave.

Hurt, pain, bitterness, unforgiveness have all become resident in a place that was supposed to blossom with love and purity. All this has been robbed of the young soul leaving an excavation of a hole so deep that only forgiveness can fill.
You know for a long time you may be forgiving but have not taken time to learn how to forgive. Pain is fleeting and can manage to make a concoction of a cocktail that tales cannot untangle. Hurt has the tendency of taking the deepest corner in the heart and take charge of your heart forever.
Pain is something you have BUT hurt is something you are. Hurt wears a mask of anger, the reason for actions and decisions we cannot explain. The whistle that blows louder than a crushing train that will turn a father into a medalist boxer and a mother into a careless pair of bones.
You will not know how hard forgiving is until you look at unforgiveness square right into the eyes. (Imagine this young girl )Neither will you be able to learn how to forgive unless you bend those hinges on your knees to ask that heavenly father you cannot see but only feel for a little help.
Remember this; Unforgiveness is like renting out your heart rent free and you stay out of your own home. We pray for the grace to learn how to forgive. 

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