In this writing world it is not always rosy. There are days when you will wake and feel like writing and other days it will feel like a lazy Monday getting out of bed. But guess what? This is very common and perfectly okay I will say if you ask me. In the fullness of time, things will fall in place. I guess this was the fullness of time. You know that verse in Galatians 4:4 that reads “But when the fullness of time had come,God sent forth His Son” now in my world when the fullness of time has come and here is another of my random writes.
So it has been a whole 4 days since I last put pen to paper and I just cannot get my mind to settle for one thing to indulge in. So I decided to seek the opinion of a trusted friend and the conversation short as it is went down like;

Me; Can you believe I have not written a thing in days?

Friend; How many days are we talking about here?

Me; About a week

Friend; Whaaattttttt!!!! Who does that? Aren’t you thinking of anything? You literally have to be writing every given moment. Get serious Lutgard.

Me; (Still in shock) I cannot find anything to write about I grab an excuse.

Friend; Write about love then

Me; But why love all the time, anyway let me do that…..

So I have decided to write about love languages something which to my surprise many people don’t know about or know but just couldn’t give it a name.

There are five languages that were written in 1995 by a gentleman called Gary Chapman which are ways of experiencing and expressing love.
One of them is physical touch; now I begin with this because I am familiar and well versed with my very own. This is a language for people who can not get enough of hugs, cuddles. these are the people who can assess the quality of a hug seconds into it. With these people just a rub on the back will cease the fire.

Then there is a language of affirmation. These are the people why the fashion and cosmetology world has a lot of business. They feast on being praised and being affirmed even in the least of things. You will become their favorite person if you can take notice of the lip color change or the 1 inch increase in that muscle they go to gym everyday for.
Did you know that if you equate love to receiving gifts you have just found your love language?

The third language of love is receiving gifts. How can it be my birthday and I receive only 1 gift or none you are thinking. In your world a person to prove their love to you is to appear at your doorstep with a wrapped something. Their can never be more than enough love if gifts are not somewhere in the picture.

The fourth language is quality time. It is your language if you are better off having the one you love sit by your side all day doing nothing else but having you all to them. Let the phones buzz, let that football match pass just to spend time with you. You will sit at the balcony in the deafening cold and not care a bit as long they are there with you.

The last love language is acts of service. To these people you are the most loving being alive if you just get out of comfortable zone and do something for them. You visit them and put everything in order or get that nail remover and clean off her varnish or better yet cut the nails too.
According to Chapman the only way you will discover another person’s love language is; one must observe the way they express love to others, and analyze what they complain about most often and what they request from their significant other most often.

I hope this shades some light on which of the 5 languages of love yours is or for your significant other. This way the feeling of “am not loved enough” will decrease because you know what, people tend to love in a way they prefer to receive love; and this is natural believe me. 

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