Borrowing from the words of a very prominent songstress, this year 2020, I lived, I loved, I did, I have done and it was more than I thought it would be. Everyone has a different story about this year and for many 2020 turned out a little (or alot) different from the script they had entering it.

I write with alot of scaring from the blows that 2020 has given me with the freshest being the loss of a brother, a friend and a team mate, JOHN DAVID SEMAKULA who we buried on 30th December. Oh! the sting of death. This year served me with a bitter pie to chew at but with lots of cherries here and there. I have had to cross some really dark tunnels along the streets of this year, alone most of the times but gladly there was always someone holding a light at the end of of the tunnel ready to embrace me each time I felt like I was losing it.

I had so many reasons to be tired, angry and furious to how this year curved out but I also have loads of reasons to be grateful and I choose to focus on those majorly. I will choose to mention just a few.


The year has come to an end and it would not be fair if I said I did not live. 2020 for some unknown reason took so many lives, including some of our very close people. I couldn’t be anymore grateful that I lived healthy for most of the 365 days this year. The gift of health is one that this year has shown us that it cannot be taken for granted

Big Audacious Goals

For the first time in my very many years here on earth I dared to dream and be intentional about it unlike other years where I would just muffle some words at the 00:00 hour of the new year and then pick up from where we stopped. 2020 saw me develop a vision board which was partly because of the decision that I took in the wake of the year to pursue a leadership course. This course stretched me to the core but I achieved 90% of everything I had set out to do leaving the 10% to things I had no control over, especially the travels that I had planned. Oh! did I mention I completed the course successfully? Yes I did.

Proud Author

I set a very high bar for myself in literally everything in life. My friends who knew that I could write had always encouraged me to write a book and I often laughed so hard at them for even daring to flatter me to write a book. I felt so ‘unworthy’ to write a book, it always felt like I was still very raw in this sphere. As the universe would have it, when I chose to do the leadership course, one of the year long assignments was to write a book. I cannot say it was the easiest things I have done, but I will say it is most definitely one of the most fulfilling things to have done. I am still a work in progress but I am more than glad that I am somewhere.

I couldn’t be anymore proud

I celebrated

I am blessed to be a part of quite a number of circles and I can comfortably say that I am lucky to have quite a number of friends. Despite the rough turbulences of 2020 we celebrated. We laughed, we danced, celebrated life, achievements and life together. There was sure a fun face to 2020 I can a test.

I loved and I was loved

2020 was a year when I received alot of love from family and friends in all kinds of ways. Directly and indirectly. The feeling of being loved genuinely is one that no human language can correctly describe. None the less it was a year in which I probably loved the hardest. Many were kind enough to accept the love and of course some rejected it in a number of ways but I still loved. Love is a beautiful thing for sure

I was favored

The favor of the Lord has not been short this 2020 I praise God. With the Corona Virus disrupting the economy, we saw so many workplaces downsize, many people lost their jobs which made life completely hard. I was lucky not only to maintain my job(s) but also get so many other opportunities to work. It was hard, long at times and very tasking but I wouldn’t ask for any better.

The punches and blows

2020 oh! 2020 gave me a fair share of some hard pills to swallow. My heart was broken into a million pieces at several points along this journey with the freshest being the loss of my friend on 29th December just after my mother had broken a leg the day before. I have been so furious at the way this year decided to go down. It blurred all the good things that were (are) happening around me but I am thankful for them all. After all it is said that iron sharpens iron. Atleast I did not have to go the fire all by myself. I had (have) people around me holding out my hand either physically or in prayer each time my legs wobble.

2020 robbed me of my dear friend, John David Semakula.

All I can say is 2020 is a year that I was excited to come into, did not exactly enjoy living through but glad that is ending. As the new year 2021 comes along, I will be hopeful for a good year but will not hold out any expectations as such. I will just enter it and see what there is in store for me.

To everyone that was a part of my 2020, I am so glad that you were with me. Let us do this gain in the new year.

Happy 2021, full of nothing but God’s love and favor.

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