First of all winning a lottery feels like gambling to me. It is such a senseless game that luck has cut out for just a few people. The creators of lottery paint an easy picture that get masses grappling over and over to get just a taste on the ridiculously large sum of money. All kinds of dreams are seen to come reality through just this one ticket. The sad reality is that 95% of lottery winners end up blowing it all up but for the sake of Day 17 in the #UgBlogMonth I dare to dream.

Now if I won a lottery, heavens hold me because I can pass out. No, I will lose my mind. I am thinking of an imaginable, outrageous amount that I have never thought of ever having in my life. Say a billion USD. First and fore most I will jump, dance, scream and do all sorts of things in praise and thanksgiving. I believe my entire body will ache in joy. From here I will do the following things;

I will call up my mother and brothers and tell them of what has happened. I will listen to all their outrageous ideas and I know most of them will be for my protection

I will then recollect myself and count the 10% I have to pay back in tithe. Now, I will tell you that is very easy to pay tithe for a small amount than it is to pay for such a big sum. I have no idea why this is so but I guess it is a human thing. Just like how it is with taxes, the more you earn the more tax you pay, I believe it is the case here. I will have to do a bank transfer to my church.

The next thing I will do is to give my mother 30% of this money for her to retire in peace and not care about going to the shop. With this money she will finally realise her poultry project and buy that double cabin she has forever dreamed about. Another 10% will also go to the family account. I am sure it will be of help.

My Family will definitely have a share on this cake

I will then complete our family home and also buy a house. Building a house from scratch is a better option but I do not think I have the patience for it. Maybe I would change my mind but I am very sure I would have a house in place.

I will as a matter of fact give our burial grounds a face lift. I will have to see that these places have a better look in respect for the dead. Yes they deserve to rest in peace and in addition to praying for them, their burial grounds too need to be cared for.

Did I make mention of debts, oh I will make sure I clear them all and also pay my savings for all the savings clubs I belong to in advance. These bills just keep piling and before you know it the amount has sky rocketed.

Finally, with this money I will put in place the nutrition firm that I have forever dreamed about as well as refurbish the differently Abled Home in Kakiri, a home for the disabled that my friend and I picked up to care for those beautiful children.

Differently Abled Home Kakiri

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