Religion and politics are arguably one of the most controversial topics one can ever engage in. It is my coping mechanism to always shy away from any kind of discussion around these topics, this is usually to keep sane or maybe I am just a coward.

Do you ever believe that religion is some sort of survival mechanism? That your religion is the ONLY one you have and no one has the right to question it? I feel this way almost all the time.

We are in most cases born into the religions we believe in and as we grow, we get to understand and appreciate this religion and why we believe in these doctrines. Sometimes, for whatever reason we get to change to another religion we believe is better than where we were born. Usually the biggest influence being environment and curiosity.

So like I said the reason I refrain from engaging in talking about religion with people whom I do not share the same faith. This is because I never know how seriously a person takes his/her religion you see. Besides I have no information deep enough to judge the practices and beliefs of that religion. Every person has varying degrees I believe. Being born into the faith and converting into it are two different things.

The most interesting thing is when a conversation around religion erupts, it is usually perceived as a ‘conversion’ conversation. So their ‘hairs’ stand up and the guns to defend ones religion are couched.

I am a Roman Catholic by the way if I did not mention, a very very proud one because I have gone a long way in understanding what I (we) believe and why. I live my life trying my best to live out the gospel and rarely will I use my words to lure someone into what I believe.

With political views I am as naive and lest interested as possible.

This is Day 16 of #UgBlogMonth

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