By the end of yesterday, a friend sent me a screenshot about a guest blogging call. I was hesitant to check it out on short notice, however; my pen is unable to describe the thrill and fascination with which I responded to knowing who the host was. Hail to you, oh. ..  Lutgard_The nutritionist. You cannot imagine how life-changing visiting your blogs every week has been, not just for me but I guess the other followers that look forward to these Wednesday publications. I am mostly delighted at the clearness and simplicity of your thoughts, I hope that this today will make a substantial contribution to your audience, and if it doesn’t, a hope to learn something new. Thank you for the opportunity.

A lot has been said and continues to be shared about food, good habits, and clean or bad eating. But when do we focus on the emptying? Yes, that will be our take for the day. I just did not succeed with shoving it off when it kept coming back to memory and then I said, here; let’s get this monkey off my back.

Pooping: that’s right.

I thought it was normal to go to the bathroom every two to three days a week. That’s how my whole life had been. I forever felt fogged, and bloated and I thought that is what it was. It took me a greater focus on nutrition and diet change to feel empty and clean. And for the first time, I had an idea about what normal felt like.

It is essential to remove the toxins from your body as you go along. It’s important that we observe bowel movements, pee a lot, and sweat. We can feed our minds and bodies, but it is also important to clean the house, so to speak.

Heard about constipation? Of course, we all have,

Constipation is a clue that something is wrong with the system. So what is it? For most, constipation is the decrease in the frequency of bowel movements. Overall, the average prevalence of constipation in adults has been estimated as 16% worldwide (varies between 0.7% and 79%); whereas the prevalence of 33.5% was attributed to adults aged 60 to 110 years. This heterogeneous condition is correlated with the patient quality of life, (Wald A., et al., 2007).

Why is it harmful?

Constipation may cause stool to stay in the bowel longer, so it may become very dry or very hard. As a result, you may feel sluggish, tired, bloated, cranky, or irritable. At the extremes, or for a person holding on to lots of toxins, constipation can result in gas, puffiness, skin rashes, eruptions, and sometimes unexplained headaches. Many people have problems with constipation and don’t even realize it. But if you want to feel great, make sure your bowels are moving every day, at least once or preferably more.

Causes of constipation

Anything that slows the movements of the bowels is a culprit for constipation. Sometimes it’s diets, especially for people that eat a lot of dairy and too little fiber. Dairy can cause lactose intolerance and diarrhea for some, but for others it causes constipation. Magnesium deficiencies, dehydration, unbalanced gut flora, and stress are also good offenders. Other causes could be idiopathic, age-related, or response to diseases. But how do we deal with it? I will explore a few strategies as we go along.

Strategies for easy elimination

  • If you are at risk for any of the reasons, here are a few ideas and suggestions to prevent it from happening.
  • Increase fluid intake, to clean bowels and flush out the kidneys. Warm non-caffeinated liquids such as herbal teas, and vegetable juices help keep intestines moving.
  • Eat high fiber foods, foods such as raw vegetables, beans, fresh and dried fruits, and high fiber cereal to increase the bulk in your stools and stimulate the intestines to move. As a caution, fiber supplements must be taken with plenty of water.
  • Add about 2 tablespoons of flax seeds to your salads, meals, or soups. These absorb a lot of water and are rich in fiber
  • Consider magnesium citrate supplementation.
  • Get moving to get moving. Exercise is a powerful bowel stimulant. Daily exercise has great potential to stimulate the bowel to do its thing. Sweat profusely at least once a day; if none of these strategies do the trick, it is time to check in with your doctor to troubleshot. Whatever the reason; empty, it is a good way to good health. Happy new month.


About the writer

Maria Nakalanda is an Author, wellness Consultant, and Founder of the EONS of Life Wellness Program. She is no stranger to weight gain, needless fatigue, and insecurities. These are all things she has personally struggled with.
 Maria is passionate about wellness and teaches her clients that the key to better health is taking on small sustainable lifestyle changes. She puts emphasis on nature therapy, food, and indigenous medicines, to balance exotic options with healthier alternatives.
She teaches people that it’s possible to gain transformation,  adopt new habits, manage stress, and prepare fast, easy, nutritious meals.
She understands people’s personal struggles and doesn’t only focus on the actions required to create better health, but also on the limiting beliefs that often hold people back.
Tel; 0703813158
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  1. I appreciate this. I definitely used to think not pooping for weeks was normal until I ended up at the hospital. 😂
    I appreciate the information shared.

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